Vaginal Trauma & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

In many cases, significant damage to the pelvic floor muscles, connective tissue, and vaginal skin can lead to loss of sexual response or even cause pain.  Vaginal deliveries or trauma to the vagina are not typically obvious during a general gynecologic exam.  Occult or hidden injuries occur quite often leading to bothersome symptoms.  Additionally, damage to support of the pelvic organs and vaginal walls can lead to bulging of pelvic organs or prolapse which typically remain silent for many years.  Vaginal rejuvenation alone will not correct muscular and connective tissue injury. This is often combined with a Perineoplasty to restore the perineal body.


WPHI also offers The MonaLisa Touch™ and THERMIva™ for non-invasive treatment options to restore Vaginal Health.


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