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laser scar removal

How does laser scar reduction work?

The ProFractional laser uses erbium:YAG laser technology which helps to resurface the skin without harming the surrounding area. This laser energy helps to increase collagen production below the surface of the skin to naturally improve skin’s appearance. This laser skin resurfacing treatment can be customized to each individual patient’s desired outcome. The flat top beam of the ProFractional laser is used to deliver laser therapy evenly across the skin and is safe for most skin types.

Do you have embarrassing acne or surgical scars that you wish would just go away? ProFractional and Contour TRL laser scar removal treatments work to smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Get a smoother, glowing complexion with laser scar reduction!

Laser Scar Removal with ProFractional™ and Contour TRL™

What to expect during scar removal treatment

Laser scar reduction treatments take less than an hour to perform and don’t require any downtime. Since everyone’s skin is different, we may recommend multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. With the Contour TRL and ProFractional lasers, you are able to adjust treatment for either subtle or dramatic results, depending on the severity of scars. This treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, so you can return to your daily activities following scar removal.


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