Labiaplasty Majora/Minora

Labiaplasty - Labia Minora (Sculpting Inner Lips)

Bothersome symptoms can occur even if it is a cosmetic concern. Patients often complain of irritation from large labia being pulled or pushed in during intercourse or getting caught in their clothes.  There are a variety of techniques for performing a labiaplasty. Many plastic surgeons offer “Labiaplasty” procedures and describe a preferred technique for them. Labiaplasty, however, is not simply “trimming” excess skin or “wedging” out a section!!


As mentioned earlier, not all women are created the same. The technique for performing labiaplasty depends on what is bothering YOU and YOUR specific anatomy. The labia are folds within folds which means that they can be continuous with the clitoral hood and the forchet or the lower opening of the vagina. Simply performing a wedge technique in all patients will not address darkened edges, which is a bother for many women and can result in pain during intercourse because it pulls the forchet up creating a web in some. Similarly, simply “trimming” the excess skin of the labia minora may not result in a smooth appearance if not performed correctly. As part of my extensive training, I have learned that labiaplasty is one of the most detailed cosmetic procedures performed since the labia should be handled delicately and sculpted to achieve a desired look.


Labiaplasty - Labia Majora (Reduction of Outer Lips)

The labia majora refers to the outer, larger lips. These can also vary in size and coloration for each person. Depending on the desired appearance or concern, the appearance of the labia majora can be enhanced by a variety of techniques. Often times, the labia majora lose fat over the years leaving a “deflated” or wrinkled appearance that has a tendency to droop. This is called ptosis or drooping due to excess skin. Although the tendency is to want to plump the labia majora to regain a youthful appearance, this tends to look more juvenile and causes a bulky look with tighter clothes. In my experience, most women are looking for a smoother appearance so that they CAN wear certain clothing without being self-conscious of the bulkiness.


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